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best dentistry in Andheri West

Wisdom Tooth

Not every wisdom tooth is unhealthy, and only a dental expert can determine if an extraction is necessary. Wisdom teeth that need to be extracted are those which are trapped under the jawbone and those which are pressed against one another increasing the chances of tooth decay and infections. Wisdom teeth could contribute to a variety of oral health conditions that include occlusal problems, gum disease, tooth decay, and pain.
Who is this treatment for?
Wisdom tooth extraction is recommended in cases of decayed, un-erupted or wrongly erupting last molar teeth. Symptoms of the above may be pain while opening their mouth or chewing food, severe or dull nagging tooth ache, ear/jaw pain, difficulty in eating due to swelling of gums around the tooth.

Implants Placed



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Post Treatment Care
– When anesthesia wears off there may be jaw stiffness, difficult in opening mouth, pain.

– Don’t rinse, spit forcibly or drink from a straw for 24 hours.

– Analgesics/pain killers are prescribed for controlling the discomfort.

– Eat soft foods / liquid like smoothies, yogurt, shakes, pudding, soups, pureed foods etc.

– Avoid spicy foods, nuts, popcorn, smoking, tobacco etc.

– Avoid brushing and flossing on the extraction site for a day.

– After 24 hours, rinse with a solution of 1/2 teaspoon of salt mixed with 1 glass of warm water.

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