Best Pediatric Dentists In Lokhandwala

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Best Pediatric Dentists In Lokhandwala
Child Dentistry
Pediatric dentistry is the branch of dentistry dealing with the dental issues of children from birth through adolescence. “Prevention is better than cure” and proper care of your child’s teeth from a very early age will help them to have healthy gums and teeth. It is very important to take good care of your child’s teeth. Parents have to inculcate good oral care habits in children to prevent tooth decay. Early dental check-ups for kids will ensure their mouths to be healthier and cavity free.
Importance of Milk Teeth
  • Speech
  • Eating
  • Aesthetics
  • Prevent injurious Oral habits
  • Guidance for Eruption of Permanent teeth in stable, functional and aesthetically acceptable occlusion – Occlusal Guidance
  • To maintain integrity of the arch form and teeth in the primary dentition
  • To achieve a smooth transition from the primary to the permanent dentition
  • To identify and remove any abnormality during growth of the face and dentition.

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Early or premature removal of Milk teeth causes
  • Undesirable tooth movements of milk and/or permanent teeth
  • Loss of Arch length
  • Delayed Eruption of Permanent teeth
  • Increases chances of Malocclusion with crowding, rotations, ectopic eruptions, cross bite, excessive overbite, excessive overjet and unfavourable molar relationship
  • Development of Aberrant Habits
  • Compromised Dentofacial Development

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