Best teeth whitening in Lokhandwala

Smile Concepts Multi Speciality Clinic is one of the best dental clinic provides Best teeth whitening in Lokhandwala with an expert dentist. Best teeth whitening in Lokhandwala.

Best teeth whitening in Lokhandwala
Zoom Whitening Best Teeth Whitening in Lokhandwala
Tooth discoloration is a common problem for millions of people around the world. It is inevitable regardless of the efforts you put into your oral hygiene activities. As we age, our teeth lose some of their whiteness due to various facets such as lifestyle, foods, beverages, and much more. Regular brushing, flossing, and mouth rinsing remove some extrinsic stains whereas in-office dental cleaning is mandatory to remove some deep stains. Best Teeth Whitening in Lokhandwala
What are the procedures involved in Zoom Whitening Treatment?
The procedure begins with covering the lips and gums to avoid them getting bleached during the process. Then, the dentist will give you an eyewear protector to safeguard your eyes from the special lighting used in the treatment.

Now, the dentist will apply a piece of whitening gel made up of hydrogen peroxide that has bleaching properties. It is followed by focusing the zoom light towards the teeth for 15 minutes. The process is repeated 3 to 4 times with a span of 15 minutes each. The Zoom light empowers the whitening agent (gel) to penetrate the enamel more and release oxygen into the dentin. Best Teeth Whitening in Lokhandwala

Thus the whitening treatment incorporated with the special lightening removes stains and brightens your teeth. Mostly, the Zoom teeth whitening procedure will complete within 90 minutes. Once the treatment is finished, you might feel mild sensitivity in teeth but it exists between 12 to 24 hours only.

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What are the essential zoom whitening aftercare instructions?

Similar to other dental whitening treatments, Zoom whitening’s longevity depends on how well your care for your teeth after the treatment. Best Teeth Whitening in Lokhandwala

Apart from brushing, flossing, and rinsing your mouthwash to clean stains on your teeth, following the aftercare tips prescribed by your dentist will aid in preserving the brightness of your teeth.

Here are the 2 important aftercare tips to be followed after teeth zoom whitening treatments:

  • You should maintain a “White Diet” for 48 hours following the zoom whitening treatment. Avoid dark-colored foods and drinks like blackberries, coffee, and others. Instead take milk, banana, white rice, and others that are not brightly colored.
  • Make use of the appliances in the Zoom Whitening Home Kit provided by your dentist as per the prescriptions.

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